EBS at Sweden Rock Festival 2013 – Another Won!

Wonderful show by Rush, headlining on Saturday.
Wonderful show by Rush, headlining on Saturday.

– Where’s my SVT?! (EBS amp, power on, volume up…) – Oh!! Forget about the SVT!!

The quote above is from a bass player on stage at this year’s Sweden Rock Festival encountering EBS amps for the first time.

Great equipment speaks for itself and that’s what makes it so easy to work with Artist Relations for EBS. The only hard part actually, is to get to the point where the bass player’s give it a try – which is why Sweden Rock Festival has played such a big part in finding new fans and customers of EBS over the years!

This year, like last year, EBS was included in the backline offered to artists on three out of five stages, with the only exception for the two main stages, where most bands come with full backline anyway.

Actually, summarizing this years festival, it came clear that more than 50% of all 83 bands at the show played with EBS Professional Bass Equipment! That’s a major increase from previous years and, if you ask me, the result of years of promoting EBS to the rocker’s community. It really feels like we have reached the point where people have heard so much about EBS now that they are curious to give it a try and play EBS amps for the very first time – even at a gig in front of thousands of fans, in some cases being recorded live for the Swedish National Radio!

And why shouldn’t they?! After nine years serving bass players at Sweden Rock, I’ve only experienced one amp failure – and that happened once at sound check before the festival even started and due to a user related fault. That tells something about the quality of the gear – and the witnesses from bass players after encountering EBS for the very first time on stage proves the tone offers exceptional quality too! SO, dare to check out EBS whenenver you get the chance, even if you have never experienced it before!

Enjoy the pictures from the show, and check out the video interviews below with some of the EBS Artists playing this year. Horns up and see you next year!

Ralf Bjurbo, Marketing & Artist Relations Manager at EBS Sweden AB

Picture slide show:

Interview with Marco Mendoza, Black Star Riders:

Interview with Jonas Björler, At the Gates:

Interview with Johan Andreassen, Amaranthe:

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