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When you build your music career, you need great tools to play with

EBS creates professional sound equipment for bass players and space-saving pedal accessories to help you on your way.

Along our 30 year-long journeys, we have had the privilege to see many of you grow and become professional musicians. Some even celebrated stars. We are proud that you’ve stayed with us and relied on EBS tools along that road.

If you are new to EBS, we welcome you and look forward to walking with and support you on your musical journey too.

EBS Professional Bass Equipment - Don't Play Without It!


Photo: EBS Sweden AB design professional equipment for bass players since 1988, when CEO Bo L. Engberg and Technical Director Mats Kristoffersson founded the company and released the EBS-1, rack-mounted preamp.

Need advice?

We are happy to guide you if you have an idea of what you need, but not sure which tool will provide it. Send in your question here!

All the Bass! / The EBS Team

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Visiting address:

EBS Sweden AB
Grindstuvägen 44-46
167 33 Bromma, Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 735 00 10
Email: info@ebssweden.com

EBS SWEDEN AB is an AAA-certified company in accordance with Soliditet's credit-evaluation system.