Kyle Konkiel – Bad Wolves

Bad Wolves was formed last year by former members of several famous metal bands on the US scene, including bass player Kyle Konkiel (ex-In This Moment, ex-Scar The Martyr, Vimic etc.). After releasing two singles, “Learn To Live” (2017) and “Toast to the Ghost” (2018) […]

Black Haze Distortion/Overdrive

“The Dark Chocolate of distortion pedals”- Patrick Hunter, YouTube gear blogger General  Demos & Samples  Photos Reviews Animation General  THE BLACK HAZE IS AN ANALOG FUZZY OVERDRIVE PEDAL IN THE NEW ‘BLUE LABEL’ PEDALS SERIE, WITH A DARK AND RICH CHARACTER SUITABLE FOR BASS AS WELL AS […]

The Drive – boost/overdrive

“Freaking love The Drive! Nice full-bodied boost that adds great harmonics and tone to your guitar and a nice smooth overdriven bite.”- Mike Scott, guitarist with Justin Timberlake General  Demos & Samples  Photos Reviews Animation General  THE DRIVE IS A LOVELY ANALOG BOOST/OVERDRIVE PEDAL IN THE NEW […]


 EBS will be at the NAMM Show January 19-22, 2017 at booth #5391. As we come closer we will give you some hints and details on the products we are going to release, and don’t miss hanging out with some of our artists that will be […]

EBS MicroBass II Preamp/DI-box

“Their MicroBass [II] is the best thing for acoustic bass; it’s the secret of my live acoustic bass sound. It handles everything – it’s an EQ, a direct box, a preamp. There’s nothing you can’t do with it.”- Stanley Clarke in Bass Player Magazine, Nov […]

EBS WahOne Wah-wah Pedal for Bass

“Most bassists will be able to find a use for this pedal in one context or another. Nice one EBS!” - Bass Guitar Magazine General Specs  Demos & Samples  Downloads  Reviews Photos General  THE EBS WAHONE. EVERYTHING FROM THE ORIGINAL CLASSICS TO THE MODERN WAH-WAH […]

EBS DPhaser

“…the DPhaser covers a lot of ground, but always sounds classy.”- Guitarists Magazine, UK General Specs  Demos & Samples  Downloads  Reviews Photos General  THE EBS DPHASER OFFERS THREE VERY DISTINCT AND DIFFERENT PHASER EFFECTS. SELECT EVERYTHING FROM CLASSICAL 70’S SOUNDS UP TO HYPER MODERN SWARLING […]

EBS DynaVerb Studio Edition

“I’d like to use just one word to describe this pedal, Wow! This 24bit digital reverb has so much to offer in such a small pedal sized box. This one is a real winner”. –  iGuitar Magazine, UK General Specs  Demos & Samples  Downloads  Reviews […]