Working from home?

Are you a musician, forced by the circumstances to work from home right now? Or is music part of your life in other ways and you suddenly find yourself locked up at home, with more free time to spend than usual?

We encourage you to use the time wisely. 

Write new music, record songs that you haven’t had time to finish before or practice on your instrument. Take the time to set up your equipment properly. Or learn and explore how to monetize your music and musical assets online.

Either way, the right tools are important to make the most of your time and discover opportunities despite the current situation.

EBS tools that can help and inspire you.

  • The EBS MicroBass 3 is a compact analog multi-tool that helps you to shape your sound and feed your recording device with a studio-quality bass tone. It also features a built-in tuner, aux input, and a professional headphone amp to rehearse and practice to recorded music. 
  • The EBS Session combos are excellent tools to help you grow as a bass player. The honest and natural sound reveals the things you need to improve and rewards progress as you develop. Features include an aux input, a recording output, and a headphones output that mutes the speaker when you plug in your headphones.

Can I still buy equipment, despite the Corona situation?

First of all, we understand the reality for many of you right now, especially in the music business. Buying musical equipment is not important if your basic income is hanging on a thread, or completely wiped out by the lockdown. It’s the devastating reality for many of you, including a lot of our closest friends.

If your economic situation allows investing in music equipment though, here’s what you can do:

  • Shop online. 
    You can order online through most internet shops dealing with musical equipment. The delivery of goods is restricted in only a few local areas around the World. Check with your local authorities and the shop if necessary.  
  • Shop at your local store. 
    You can shop at your local retail store if there isn’t a lockdown preventing them from keeping open. 
  • Shop at the EBS webshop. 
    You can order selected service parts, merchandise, and selected accessories from the EBS webshop. If you need a service part that is not listed on the webshop, contact us

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