The Halo Effect with Peter Iwers

After being mostly absent from the music scenes for a few years, busy running a popular restaurant, and starting up an emerging beer brewery in his hometown Gothenburg, EBS artist Peter Iwers returns to the stage with the new band The Halo Effect. 

The unique thing is that all members of The Halo Effect have a history of playing with In Flames at some point. And even more, all being defining contributors to creating the famous Gothenburg Sound. 

The new band consists of Peter Iwers, Jesper Strömblad, Niclas Engelin, Daniel Svensson, and Mikael Stanne. All houshold names to fans of melodic death metal, the Gothenburg sound and In Flames.

At this point, a release date for new music is set to November 9. You can follow this link to listen to the new song Shadowminds via your favorite streaming service:

A tour, along with fellow metal giants Amon Amarth and Machine Head is also announced to take off in September 2022. 

Visit The Halo Effect website and follow @thehaloeffectse on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for the latest updates and details. 

Welcome back, Peter! 

Listen to The Halo Effect – Shadowminds. Official video out now!

Peter Iwers play EBS amps, cabinets & effects.

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