EBS at Sweden’s premier rock festival 

EBS artist Jonas Björler with The Haunted played EBS Classic 500 amps with ClassicLine cabs. Both guitarists, Ola Englund and Patrik Jensen, had EBS flat patch cables connecting their pedals. Photo: EBS

The Sweden Rock Festival stands as Sweden’s premier rock event. EBS has been a fixture at this festival for two decades, supplying EBS amps to the backline of three of its five stages and supporting selected artists on the remaining two stages for the past 15 years.

This year’s lineup showcased some EBS artists, with several bands seizing the chance to perform using EBS amps despite lacking official endorsement. 

The gear on stage included both ClassicLine, ProLine, and NeoLine cabinets. The amps included several EBS Classic 500EBS 802, and TD660 amps. We also spotted EBS flat patch cables in several pedalboards. 

Before we share the show pictures, a big shout-out to the Sweden Rock Festival management, stage crews, and our backline partners – Backline Sthlm and DM Audio. Last but not least, our heartfelt thanks to the numerous skilled bass players who entrusted us with delivering their exceptional sound on stage!

Barend Courbois with Michael Schenker Group on the main stage with EBS amps and straps. Photo: Effie Trikili
Barend was happy with the EBS 802 amp and ProLine 810 cabinet. Photo courtesy of Barend Courbois.
Jonas Björler is dialing in the amp for The Haunted‘s gig. Photo: EBS
Jonas with The Haunted. Photo: EBS
F.K.Ü. with EBS artist Pat Splat. Photo: EBS
Two true horror rockers, Pat Splat of F.K.Ü. and the Grand Master, Alice Cooper! Get the hat Pat is wearing at our shop! Photo courtesy of Pat Splat.
Mia Karlsson is on bass with The Gems since Mona Lindgren plays the guitar when they perform live. Photo: Effie Trikili
EBS Artist Ken Sandin is a real trooper, this time he played with the re-united band Swedish Erotica. Other EBS artists that served with other artists than their main gig included Jonathan Olsson with Pain and Pontus Egberg with Rockklassiker All-Stars and Dampf. Photo: Effie Trikili
Swedish doom(ish) rocker’s Avatarium with Mats Rydström on the bass. Photo: EBS
An annual tradition is that selected up-and-coming bands involved in the Nemis project get the chance to play at Sweden Rock. Keep an eye on Ebba Bergkvist & The Flat Tire Band. Great band! Photo: EBS
EBS equipped the Sweden, Blåkläder, and Pistonhead stages at the festival. Photo: EBS
Thank you for this time, and see you at Sweden Rock 2025! Photo: EBS

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