Black Haze Distortion/Overdrive

“The Dark Chocolate of distortion pedals”- Patrick Hunter, YouTube gear blogger General  Demos & Samples  Photos Reviews Interactive Demo General […]

The Drive – boost/overdrive

“Freaking love The Drive! Nice full-bodied boost that adds great harmonics and tone to your guitar and a nice smooth […]

EBS Red Twister Guitar Chorus

“The Red Twister is a high quality, road-worthy pedal. It’s a great addition to any pedalboard. The variety of flange […]

EBS DynaVerb Guitar Edition

“A very classy reverb that will endow your tone with an authentic sense of space or the ambience of a […]

EBS MultiComp Guitar Edition

“That multi-band facility, rare in a pedal, could make this your go-to compressor, 9/10”. – Guitarist Magazine, UK  FEATURES Optimized […]

EBS DPhaser

“…the DPhaser covers a lot of ground, but always sounds classy.”- Guitarists Magazine, UK General Specs  Demos & Samples  Downloads  […]


“It’s the pedals touch sensitivity that provides full-filter fun factor”- Bass Player Magazine  General Specs  Demos & Samples  Downloads  Reviews […]

EBS OctaBass Studio Edition

“This is the best tracking octaver I’ve ever come across – it’s great to know the lows will be there […]