EBS @ Frankfurt MusikMesse, Day 4

Last day = public day, which means lots and lots of visitors! We had fun at the booth with great artist appearances by Jay-Tee, Etienne and Swaeli, Kevin Walker and Peter Iwers, and at the Agora Stage Peter Sonntag and Reno Schnell played with their band, Final Virus. A lot of people stopped by the EBS booth to check out the amps or try the pedals at one of our test stations that served well through out the entire show, and especially today. Must have been hundreds of people that tried the pedals that way, a lot of them guitarists. Got some great feedback from our show neighbors at ESP, as well as some really good artists that came by to try out the gear. Overall it felt like a more optimistic vibe where present at Frankfurt this year, and the business for EBS was really good too. So time to rest now? No way – we’re heading back to Stockholm tomorrow to continue the work on some great stuff that we are eager to present to you soon. So, stay tuned for that at www.ebssweden.com and don’t forget that this coming week we will start posting the videos from the show too!


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