Over 600 pedals connected with EBS patch cables!

More than 600 pedals wired with EBS patch cables await you at Pedal Planet. Located at the renowned Cosmo Music Store just outside Toronto, Canada, this extraordinary setup offers musicians an unparalleled opportunity to plug in and explore the comprehensive library of effects.

The wall showcases a stunning selection of effects, including EBS pedals specifically designed for bass players. Every pedal on the wall is expertly connected using EBS flat patch cables, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability.

The wall consists of sections featuring up to 16 pedals each. Each section is conveniently linked to a headphone amp, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vast sonic landscape and find your perfect sound.

In 2019, EBS flat patch cables were also used to connect the World’s Largest pedalboard. Now, these innovative cables link the world’s largest in-store test station, a testament to the unbeatable quality and space-saving design of EBS pedalboard accessories.

Visit the store to experience the sonic adventure for yourself, or learn more about the Pedal Planet project here:


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