EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive

Compression, distortion, tone-shaping, and blending - all together in a pedal!

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"This pedal is a distillate of several important principles in the signal chain for bass. Compression, distortion, tone-shaping and blending all together." - Billy Sheehan

Mix the Clean with a Distorted signal path

Since the pedal splits the signal into two parallel paths – one clean and one with distortion – it becomes as if running the sound through two different bass rigs at the same time. The two Clean and Drive Level controls decides how you set the mix and melt the paths together. For a tighter, more defined sound you can engage the built-in compressor. Threshold settings for the compressor can be adjusted inside.

Bring back more low-end and boost the gain when needed

Phase Inverter switch brings back more low-end to the drive channel in cases when phase cancellation appears. The Boost footswitch kicks up the drive gain a notch when needed.

Extend the range of the Tone Control

The new and major feature of the Ultimate version is the Hi or Lo Frequency Filter. This switch moves the whole frequency spectrum of the Tone filter up or down, to extend the capabilities of the pedal.

The Hi setting adds a whole new palette of distortion sounds that was not possible to create with previous versions of the pedal.

Mix in effects on the Clean and Drive channel separately

The individual Effect Loops for each channel can be used to color the channels individually with external effects. The Clean Loop jack can also be used as a clean input if you have a bass that features dual outputs. It sounds great if you run the lows through the Clean Loop jack while the mids/highs go through the main input, which leaves the lows untouched and only the higher frequencies treated by the drive.

Inherited features

This version has inherited all the features from the Deluxe version (including the possibility to swap the drive chip without the need of soldering). But the palette of sounds you can create is expanded by the new Hi or Lo frequency filter to make it complete.

Billy Sheehan's introduction to the Ultimate Signature pedal:


The link to Jon Willis Op-amp chip guide mentioned by Billy in the video is found here:


EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive
  • Nominal Input Level - 8 dBv
  • Input Impedance 700 kohms
  • Gain Range* Drive 20 - 50 dB
  • Boost adjustable +3- 10 dB
  • Tone Filter Range 175 - 8000 Hz in two ranges
  • Q 0.7-0.9
  • Output Impedance Loops 2 kohms
  • Input Impedance Loops 47 kohms
  • Mix Level Drive Channel +3 dB max
  • Clean Channel +6 dB max
  • Compressor Ratio 5:1 (max)
  • Threshold -25 +6 dB
  • Attack Time (80%) < 7 ms
  • Release Time (80%) 75 ms typ
  • Makeup gain 0, +3, +6 dB
  • Output Impedance < 50 ohms
  • Dimensions W x H x D 3.3" x 4.5" x 1.9" (83 x 115 x 48 mm) including all hardware
  • Weight 420g (0.93 lb.)
  • Type Analog Effect, Relay type Switching
  • Power Requirements 9, 12 or 18 V DC, 60 mA max. Pedal shuts off below 6.0 V


Billy Sheehan's introduction to the Ultimate Signature pedal:
The link to Jon Willis Op-amp chip guide mentioned by Billy in the video is found here: https://youtu.be/iwjqC7m4Qbs Demo by Erik Arkö:
Jon Willis first looks at the EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive:
Jon Willis getting the sound of Queensryche's classic Jet City Woman:


Guitar Interactive Magazine: 5 out of 5 stars. Read the review here>> Bass Guitar UK, October 2019: "If you treasure distorted bass tones, this pedal is for you". BMG rating: Build Quality: 9 of 10 Sound Quality: 9 of 10 Value: 8 of 10 From the Patrick Hunter Youtube channel:
From BassTheWorld.com:



Connect other effects to the Drive or Clean loop to inject the distorted or clean sound individually with external effects. Use the EBS ICY-30 insert cables with a TRS contact at one end that splits into two mono contacts representing Ring (send) and Tip (return) to loop in the external effects.

You can make some settings and changes inside the Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature pedal. The "COMP" and "THRESHOLD" trim pots sets the compression ratio and threshold level for the built-in compressor when it is used in the Mid position. The "BOOST" trim pot sets the gain level when you engage the Boost footswitch. If you are content with the factory settings of these features, you don't need to bother changing any values. Finally, the 8-pin Dual Inline Op-Amp Controlling Drive Circuit can be easily swapped out for a different brand (as long as it is of the same type). Just pull it out of the socket and place a differen op-amp in its place. No soldering required. For a reference test of different op-amp circuits, check out this reference guide made by our friend Jon Willis: https://youtu.be/iwjqC7m4Qbs


Interactive demo


Hi or Lo Frequency range Switch. NEW! 

Boost Drive Footswitch.**

Phase Inverter Switch.**

Drive, Tone, Level and Clean controls.*

Three Compressor Modes – High, Mid, Off*

Clean Loop and Drive Loop (use an insert cable, such as the EBS ICY-30 to separate send and return).*

Magnet Type Footswitches. NEW!  


Advanced Features Inside

Replaceable Drive Circuit (8-pin Dual Inline Op-Amp Controlling Drive Circuit). **

Fine tuning trimmers to adjust Threshold level of the compressor (THR.) and the level of Compression when the mode switch is set to MID (COMP).*

Trim pot to set the BOOST switch level inside.**

Power options 9V DC battery or EBS AD9 Pro Power Supply (not included)


* Features shared with both the 'purple' and 'orange' version.

** Features shared with the 'orange' version.


Download the manual >>



Guitar Interactive Magazine, no 65:
5 of 5 Stars