Top 5 reasons for bass players to choose EBS bass effects!

The 2019 ‘Blue Label’ edition of three iconic EBS effects.

Here are 5 big reasons for bass players to check out EBS bass effects!

Built from the bottom up.

EBS makes bass effects with a focus on the bass player’s needs. We design and develop effects from the bottom up to meet the challenges that come with the range of tone that a bass guitar produces and we care for the details to make it possible to preserve the bottom of Your sound.

Studio-quality sound in a stompbox format.

The EBS pedals perform just as good live as they do in the studio. The electro-mechanical components used in the pedals are of the same superior quality as in our premium bass heads, which cares for a noiseless, high-quality tone. The extended frequency range from 20-20000 Hz makes EBS bass effects handle most other instruments than bass as well.

Roadworthy construction.

The combination of high-quality components and a protective die-cast housing makes the EBS bass effects perfect for touring conditions. These tools are made for the professional, hard-working, touring bass player!

Based on more than 25 years of experience making bass effects.

EBS first effect for bass – the legendary OctaBass – came out in 1992. That means more than 25 years of invaluable in-house experience of making bass effects. The expertise within the company has helped develop our wide range of effects units – all designed with the bass players in mind!

18 distinct models to choose from.

The EBS bass effects are currently available in 18 distinct models – from various filters to several distortions. The units work perfectly together – and cover a lot of the bass players’ needs, which make it possible to stick with solely EBS effects if desired. They also comply with other brands if you prefer to create your own mix of effects on your pedalboard.

EBS effects are available in most countries and through most of the major online shops for musical equipment. 

If you have trouble to find them, contact EBS for help.

EBS Professional Bass Equipment – Great Tools To Play With!

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