The Top 5 Reasons For Bass Players to Choose an EBS Bass Amp


1. The sound.

EBS philosophy is that every instrument and musician has their personality – a soul. A bass amp should be sensitive to your soul and not erase the characteristics of it. It should be transparent and natural sounding. That’s the foundation for a good sounding bass amp and the hallmark of any EBS amp. When artists choose to play EBS – they choose it because they like the way they sound through it.


2. Reliability.

Equipment for professional use must be reliable. We may not be on the front of the barricades of technological land-winnings. Instead, we refine and take proven technology to new levels to meet your demands. That formula has helped us produce reliable equipment and keep the number of service matters and warranty issues extremely low. The feedback from major backline rental companies and touring artists also makes us confident to say EBS is trustworthy gear!


3. The real deal.

EBS amps are the real deal – every single bass amp from EBS has been used on a major tour! From the heavy-duty, rack-mounted, solid-state amps, the Classic 500 vintage styled amp, to the lightweight Reidmar amplifiers – no exception. We make tools to play with!


4. Experience.

EBS’s first-ever product – the EBS-1 studio preamp came out in 1988. The first three international customers were Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Talbot from Neil Young’s band, and Jimmy Earl with Chick Corea. Ever since, EBS has continued to develop amplifiers for bass at its headquarters in Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden.


5. A bass amp to meet your needs and budget.

EBS range of amplifiers covers the needs of both the touring professional, the hard-working session musician as well as the weekend warrior. Every EBS amp ever made (except the rare T-90) can run safely with or without a speaker load to cover your needs on stage as well as any recording situation at home or in the studio. The price for a new amp is in the range of $500 – $2500. Whether you go for the ‘best burger in town’ or the ‘premium steak’ is up to you, but it will surely taste delicious. 


EBS amplifiers are available in most countries and through most of the major online shops for musical equipment. Contact EBS for help finding a local dealer.

EBS Professional Bass Equipment – Great Tools To Play With!



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