The Top 5 Reasons For Bass Players to Choose an EBS Bass Amp

  1. The sound. At EBS, we believe every musician and instrument has its own unique personality – a soul. That’s why our bass amps are designed to be sensitive to your sound, preserving the qualities that make it distinct and natural. Our amps are built on a foundation of transparency and exceptional sound quality, which has made them a favorite among artists who value authenticity.

  2. Reliability is paramount in professional equipment, and at EBS, we’ve perfected our technology to meet the highest demands for consistency and performance. We may not be on the front lines of technological innovation, but we take tried-and-true techniques and elevate them to new levels of excellence. This commitment has helped us garner a reputation for dependability, with extremely low numbers of warranty issues.

  3. What sets EBS apart is that our bass amps are the real deal – every one of our amplifiers has been featured on a major tour. From the lightweight Reidmars’ and the vintage-styled Classic 500 to the high-end EBS 802, our amplifiers are tools for you to play with. 

  4. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve honed our craft at our headquarters in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Our amplifiers cater to the needs of touring professionals, hard-working session musicians, and weekend warriors alike. Every EBS amp can run safely with or without a speaker load, and pricing ranges from $500 to $2500 – the choice between the ‘best burger in town’ or the ‘premium steak’ is yours to make. 

  5. EBS equipment is available in most countries through major online shops for musical equipment. If you need help finding a local dealer, don’t hesitate to contact us. From the EBS-1 studio preamp to our current range of amplifiers, EBS Professional Bass Equipment is your one-stop-shop for great tools to play with.



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