What is the EBS 802 about?

Many bass players today are happy to carry less weight and content with the tone quality of modern class-D amplifiers. Nothing wrong with that. If you are among them, you can stop reading now.


However, if you have felt the itch. If you miss that ‘something’ that you can’t put the finger on. If you have tried different amps but haven’t found a home that gives you the physical experience the ‘good old’ amps used to do. Then, the new EBS 802 may be what you need.


Excellent Solid-state Technology

EBS excellence in solid-state technology is well known and runs through the veins back to when the company started in 1988.

The World’s stage spotlight landed on EBS when the company introduced their first solid-state hybrid amps in the late 90s’. Since then, EBS has developed into a thriving business that covers most of a bass players’ needs.

The new EBS 802 is set to be the new cornerstone of the EBS amplifications program. Engineered to be the new reference amp to define the ‘EBS sound’.


Another Level

This creation brings you all that a lightweight amplifier can not offer.

The sound quality, clarity, and punch is on another level. You can feel it with your whole body.

It’s an amp with a soul that speaks to you and makes you smile. A conditioner that relieves the itch for those who suffer from it.

Welcome home to the EBS 802 High Dynamics Linear Bass Amp.


Made In Sweden

The EBS 802 is entirely made in Sweden, the home of EBS.

The Details

The EBS 802 is a 100% analog, high-performance linear bass amp.
It delivers 750 solid RMS Watts at 2 ohms.
The amp is entirely made in Sweden.

The features of the preamp include; 

  • LO and HI boost preshape filters. 

  • Compressor/Limiter control to balance the sound level when you play. 

  • A Bass control that works in conjunction with a switch that decides the reference point of the range. Choose between 60, 80, or 100 Hz, then use the control to cut or boost in the selected range.

  • Two semi-parametric controls for Low- and High-mid to find all the sweet-spots in the midrange. Note the range of each filter  is extremely wide, so if you use the bass control as a low-cut filter at 60 or 80 Hz, you can use the Low-mid as a Bass control to boost frequencies from 95 Hz and up.

  • A Treble control that works in conjunction with a range switch (5.6 or 8kHz).
  • A Bright control adds a nice and discreet brilliance on top of everything. 

  • Drive control for more growl when desired.

The EBS 802 back panel features;

  • Dual balanced XLR-outputs (post and pre EQ).
  • Effects loop.
  • Line out.
  • Remote footswitch control inputs for Mute, Character filters, Drive and EQ bypass
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 19″ x 14″ x 3U (48cm x 36cm x 13cm)
  • Weight 14.4 kg / 32 lbs

The EBS 802 fits in a 19” rack, with 3U height. A matching rack case for the Proline and Neoline cabinets is available from EBS.  

Download the manual >>

What speaker cabinets should I use with the EBS 802?

This is an extremely powerful bass amp. Consider that when choosing the right cabinet(s) to use with the EBS 802.

The output at 2 ohms load is 750 Watts RMS. Two 4-ohm cabinets together creates a 2-ohm load, which pulls out the maximum effect from the amplifier. 

At 4 ohms load, the output is 450 Watts RMS. That means when using a single 4-ohm cabinet make sure it can handle at least 450 W RMS.

We recommend pairing the EBS 802 with cabinets from either the ProLine or NeoLine series by EBS.

EBS ProLine Cabinets

The EBS ProLine cabinets are entirely made in Sweden, just like the amplifier.

Transparency, balance, and natural warmth characterize the sound of the ProLine cabinets. For many, they represent the ‘EBS’ signature sound.

The illustration below shows the recommended setups when using EBS ProLine cabinets.



EBS NeoLine Speakers

The EBS NeoLine are lightweight Neodymium cabinets with superior, dynamic range and an unmatched power handling throughout the frequency spectrum. 

They can handle extreme lows, and the response is snappy and superfast.

The following setups are recommended when using EBS NeoLine cabinets.


* The NeoLine 410, 210 and 212 can be ordered in 8-ohm configuration, although they usually are made as 4-ohm cabinets.


Find out what other thinks of the EBS 802.

 ‘Bass Head of the Year 2020’ award in Bass Player Magazine.

«This amp hits the bullseye, with bags of tonal flexibility and performance and a hefty 750 watts to play with.»

– Bass Player Magazine, issue 404, December 2020

I am interested in the new EBS 802 bass amp.

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