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New song from The Halo Effect with EBS Artist Peter Iwers

The new Gothenburg-sound supergroup The Halo Effect with EBS Artist Peter Iwers dropped a new song from their coming up debut album before the weekend called ‘Feel what I believe.’ Check out the video here:

New EBS Pedal Artist: Łydka Grubasa’s Artur “Carlos” Wszeborowski

Artur “Carlos” Wszeborowski, of the very popular Polish band Łydka Grubasa, is now an EBS Pedal Artist. Photo by Michał Kwaśniewski.

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Soilwork present EBS Artist Rasmus Ehrnborn as new member

After touring with the band since 2019 and playing bass on their latest acclaimed EP, A Whisp of the Atlantic, EBS Artist Rasmus Ehrnborn is now an official member of the Swedish melodic death metallers Soilwork.

New video from Nightragewith EBS Artist Francisco Escalona

Nightrage with EBS Artist Francisco Escalona released a new video with the song ‘Falsifying life’ from their coming up album ‘Abyss Rising’. See the video here:

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