EBS Reidmar 750 – an amp to keep the dream alive

Do you need a bass amp to rehearse or record at home that will also drive a big fat bass cabinet on a big stage with ease (when that day comes)?

EBS Reidmar 750 features an analog preamp with powerful EQ filters and Drive to create the exact sound you like.

You don’t need to connect a speaker to run the amp safely. It performs just as great when connecting solely via the headphones or balanced XLR-output. At the same time, it can easily handle a 4-ohms 8×10″ cabinet when needed.

EBS developed SoftClip technology protects the Class D power amp from clipping with preserved headroom to give you solid lows even at extreme volume. With an RM-4 footswitch (sold separately), you will unlock on/off functions for the Drive and Mute, as well as controlling the Character and EQ Bypass switches.

You don’t have to wait for the live scene to come back to use the Reidmar 750. At the price of 795 Euro, you will get a fantastic bass amp for your essential bass needs already today.*

*If you connect a speaker cabinet, it should handle 700W RMS at 4 ohms or 350W RMS at 8 ohms. In case your speaker cabinet is weaker than that, we recommend the ‘little brother’ Reidmar 502 instead.

The EBS Reidmar 750 powers Testament, Black Star Riders, Killswitch Engage, Danko Jones, and many more on tour. It also delivered the bass sound for Danko Jones’s coming-up album ‘Power Trio’, and the acclaimed Swedish band Bo Kaspers Orkester on their latest album ’23:55′, which you can hear on all streaming platforms. Find the amp at your local EBS dealer or major online music instrument stores.

Danko Jones coming-up album ‘Power Trio’ with the bass recorded using the EBS Reidmar 750.
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