Testimonies about the Stanley Clarke Signature preamp

The reviews are coming in on the EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp. Not just from prominent magazines but from customers and artists alike. We are honored to share some of the comment’s so far.

“[This] is the perfect tool to deal with all the challenges that come with amplifying acoustic instruments.”

Adam Blackstone, bass player/MD for Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, etc

“This exceptional pedal brings high-quality amplification possibilities, for double bass and other acoustic instruments, at an affordable price.”

Jon Thorne, Bass Player Magazine, scoring 29 out of 30 points

“The Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp is a thoroughly professional work device that provides especially double and acoustic bassists, but also electric bassists, with an incredibly versatile tool that offers the right solution for every conceivable situation.”

BONEDO.DE; 5 out of 5 (translated to English from the FAZIT section of the review, written in German).

“Darn good for violin too.”

Mads Tolling, two-time Grammy Award-winning violinist
Per Mathisen at a session recording for Austrian national television, ORF.

“This EBS acoustic preamp is just an amazing tool for any upright bass player who wants to blend signals from a pickup and a microphone. Recorded with it at the National Austrian Radio/TV Broadcasting, ORF, and it sounded so extremely wonderful. Big fat warm with great presence and punch. Bravo again EBS!”

Per Mathisen, prominent Norwegian bass player based in Wienna

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“I set about trying the pedal out with my electric bass, the Gillett Guitars fretless acoustic, and even my full-bodied acoustic guitar and found so many useful ways of utilizing the device.”

Dan Veall, review for Guitar Interactive Magazine (recieving the ‘Guitar Interactive Recommends’-award)

“Probably this is the best ‘plugged-in’ double bass sound we have heard so far.”

Doctor Bass, bass specialist shop in Burgos, Spain

“If it had cost twice as much, I had still bought it.”

From a German customer and professional bass player for 35 years.

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