EBS @ MusikMesse 2013, Day 1


Here’s a report from the first day of the MusikMesse.

So, what’s “new” to see and find out at the EBS booth this year? Well, we got the brand new pedal corner, with new test stations for bass and guitar – including the brand new EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive. Also at the booth is a little look in the mirror to see where it all begun 25 years ago. We have a mint condition EBS-1 Preamp, and some rarities from the pedals that we’ve made over the years, including the mythical Red Twister!

The State of the Music Business
You never know what to expect from a trade show, and a little anxiety is always present before it all starts. Especially a year like this, when a major German company like Warwick decide to not even be present at the show. For everyone in hall 4.0, their absence seems to do some good though, since a lot of the known brands earlier seen in other halls, now moved to 4.0, where EBS is, while some less known brands moved to other locations. That means the attraction of the hall itself has become more interesting. All in all – everyone has their reasons for exhibiting at the MusikMesse or not, there still seems to be an optimistic feeling among the companies. That feeling seems to be carried from the highly successful NAMM Show in January. We keep hearing some markets are tough these days, while others do better – that’s the way it is and always will be. EBS is definitely up for 25 more years – and we still feel like we just started!

At the booth, day one.
Today we saw lots of old and new friends at the booth, like EBS Artist Keith Duffy (the Corrs, Ronan Keating etc), EBS Pedal Artist Barend Corbuois (with Blind Guardian) our long time friend Dave Swift, from Jools Holland Band, and several of our distributors, and a lot of the European bass press representatives. We made a few video shoots with different magazines, focusing on the EBS 25th Anniversary, and the Billy Sheehan Signature Drive, which debuted at the Namm Show in January, and is now available World-wide.

Another won!
Speaking of the EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive – we received the news that it has been Awarded for the second time since its release – this time with an Editor’s Award from Polish magazine TopGuitar! We’re thankful and honored to see this brilliant pedal being so greatly received within the bass community!

At the end of the day
As the show closed for the day, our friends at Marleux basses had a party at their booth, and right after that there was the usual mingle buffé at the Agora stage for all exhibitors. A little bummer at the end of the day when our fellow Swedish superstar Ibra didn’t make it through to the Champions League Semi finals with his team -but, you win some, and you loose some, and it didn’t spoil a first great day at the MusikMesse!


Tip of the day!

How to bridge two Reidmars to create a monster rig!
How to bridge two Reidmars to create a monster rig!

Did you know you can use the Effects Loop on the Reidmar to connect one head to another, and drive two 4 ohm cabinets at the same time and get separate volume controls for each cabinet? Well…now you know! 😉

We’ll come back after Thursday (day 2) with more and look forward to see Etienne & Swaeli Mbappé, and Jay-Tee Teterissa play at the booth, as well as the signing with Billy Sheehan!

See ya!

Ps. The full schedule on Artist Appearances at the booth available at www.ebssweden.com . AND, just confirmed is an extra appearance with Peter Sonntag at EBS Hall 4.0, E64 on Friday at 14.00 – in addition to the presented schedule!

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