Dive Deeper: The EBS ClassicLine 212 Mini-Tower


In an era where almost anything can be simulated through technology, the irreplaceable thrill of standing on stage with a powerful bass rig at your back is incomparable. That thrill is what you’ll get with the EBS ClassicLine 212 mini-tower. Paired with a perfectly matching EBS Classic 500 head or one of EBS’s lightweight Reidmar amps. It shares the attributes and attitude of an 810, sized to fit any stage (and vehicle).

Made to rock where live music thrives

Does your area have a vibrant music scene where band culture and rock music thrive? Are there plenty of smaller clubs and venues that offer local bands and weekend warriors opportunities to perform? And do musicians often use their cars to bring their gear to gigs? Then the conditions are perfect for the EBS Classic 212 Mini-tower. It doesn’t require a station wagon or trailer either, it will fit in just about any sized car.

Even smaller clubs with a permanent backline should fall in love with this gem of a rig. It’s perfect on stage, delivers a fantastic sound, and takes up minimal space. A padded cover is included with the purchase for protection during transport and storage.

Features and Thoughtful Attributes

The cabinet features two vertically mounted 12-inch speakers, mounted in line to avoid phase shift, and an adjustable tweeter. It produces a rocking sound with clear low-mids and bass punch. The porting is at the back of the cabinet to avoid unnecessary vibrations in the grille cloth.

The sturdy recessed side handles, tilt handle, and wheels at the rear make it easy to move and transport. The classic features of black vinyl coating, cloth grille, and shiny metal corners give it a look that fits any setting.

Here is what we have learned:

  • The EBS ClassicLine 212 Mini-tower is built like a small 810 cabinet.
  • It is perfectly matched with the EBS Classic 500 amp but works fine with the Reidmar amps too. 
  • Due to its compact size, it fits in any sized car.
  • It features 2x 12-inch speakers mounted in a vertical line to avoid phase shift issues. It also features an adjustable tweeter.
  • A padded cover is included.
  • Not mentioned above, but the cabinet is a 500W RMS, 4-ohm cab.

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