EBS Supports Musikhjälpen

Every year, EBS makes a contribution to a good cause around Christmas.

This year we decided to make a donation to ‘Musikhjälpen‘, an annual charity organized by the Swedish Radio.

Since 2008, Musikhjälpen has collected money for a good cause for one week in December. EBS has contributed before through collaborations with some of our artists. This year, the cause is to help projects for children with disabilities in developing countries.

Along with the donation, we also had the opportunity to request a song to be played on the show. The song we have requested is ‘Hero’ by Artists United Against Bullying, which is a project to raise awareness about and prevent bullying.  AUAB is founded by Peter Iwers (ex-InFlames, ex-Cyhra) and Paulo Mendonca, two artists that we collaborate with and support with gear.

Check out Musikhjälpen (in Swedish) and feel free to make a contribution through this link: https://www.radiohjalpen.se/ge-en-gava/MH

Ps. For international donations, use the credit card option.