Dive Deeper: EBS Magni 502 – the ultimate bass combo

There are several reasons why some bassists choose a combo amplifier over a rig with a separate amplifier and speakers. The most common, especially when it comes to slightly louder combos, is the convenience compared to hauling around a complete bass rig. An ultimate combo amplifier for stage use should be lightweight, compact, powerful, and not compromise on sound quality. That’s why the ultimate bass combo is the EBS Magni 502. 

Light and powerful

The amplifier in Magni 502 is practically identical to the EBS Reidmar 502. It’s a high-performance and lightweight Class D amplifier that behaves like a transistor amplifier thanks to EBS Soft Clip technology (refer to previous information on the Reidmar tops). The preamp is 100% analog with a powerful EQ that provides all you need to adjust the sound to different styles and circumstances.

With the Magni 502, the goal was to create a lightweight and uncompromising bass combo. While recognizing the potential in the initial Magni generation, we also identified some development opportunities. Utilizing new materials for the grill and wooden cabinet and using efficient Neodymium speakers fulfilled our goals. The EBS Magni 502 – 210 weighs just 15.4 kg (the 115 model weighs 16.5 kg), making it one of the lightest combos in its power class. 

The efficiency of speakers (often referred to as sensitivity) is an often overlooked variable that significantly affects how powerful a speaker system is perceived. The first Magni model had a sensitivity of 94dB. The new ones have a whopping 99dB. Since sound pressure doubles at +6dB, there is a significant difference in sound pressure between the models. The speakers’ efficiency combined with the amplifier makes the Magni 502 a super-powerful combo.

Multi-dimensional sound

We have chosen to keep the double porting of the cabinet that gives the sound a multi-dimensional spreading effect so it is perceived similarly no matter where you are on the stage. It is handy in smaller settings when possibilities for individual monitors for each band member are limited or in situations where the bass sound gets no support from the PA system. When the combo is used with double bass, it also makes the sound very natural, as the feel is more like the acoustic sound fills the room rather than amplified artificially. It almost becomes like the presence of the combo goes unnoticed until you lower the volume and notice the difference.

For those seeking more power, there’s the option to connect an additional 4-ohm speaker (or two 8-ohm) through the Speakon output at the back. Depending on the choice of external speaker, you can add volume and extend the low-end response. While the Magni 502 performs well in most scenarios without extra speakers, it is reassuring there’s more potential if needed.

Here is what we have learned:

  • The amplifier in Magni 502 closely resembles that in Reidmar 502.
  • The preamp in Magni 502 is entirely analog, featuring powerful filters. 
  • Magni 502 is an incredibly lightweight 500W bass combo in two models – 210 and 115. 
  • Efficient Neodymium speakers make the 502 model handle significantly more sound pressure than the previous Magni combo.
  • These combos offer a multi-dimensional sound dispersion effect due to the porting on both the front and back. 
  • The Magni 502 can power an additional 4-ohm (or two 8-ohm) speakers.


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