How can I find EBS gear where I live?

EBS is represented in about 50 countries all over the world (see EBS Dealers). Our dealers provide EBS equipment to local stores in your country.

EBS is also sold from many online shops around the World.

If there's a distributor listed for your country, your favourite local store can contact them to become a local EBS dealer.



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Some additional tips:

Don't underestimate the power of Google!

Google is a great, fast and free tool to help you find the product you want in your area.

If you buy online; be aware of the shops 'buy-and-try' policy!

Some online stores offers 'buy-and-try' solutions so that you can return something if you don't like it.
That is good to know if online-shopping is your only option.

Note though, that all stores have different policies, so check before you order if this feature is important to you.