Radi Dankov

Radi Dankov is a studio and live performer from Bulgaria. He is a respected name among musicians in Bulgaria and is considered a top bass player in the country. Radi has played in numerous concerts and music projects across Europe. Currently, with The Groove Factory in Scandinavia mostly. He has also been recording for some of Bulgaria's and Greece's most famous artists and is a former bass player in bands such as Avangard, Improvision, IKADEM, and Powerstation.

"From the moment I plugged my bass into an EBS TD650 12 years ago, I never turned back. There are many good amps on the market, but EBS is on another level, even another planet. The only amp and cabinet that produces the natural sound of the bass without coloring it! EBS is My sound", says Radi.

He now uses an EBS 802 amp with a ProLine 410 cabinet, EBS Magni 210 bass combo with EBS MultiComp, BassIQ, OctaBass, and Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive pedals.


EBS 802 Bass Amplifier

EBS ProLine 410 Cabinets

EBS Magni 210 Bass Combo

EBS OctaBass, MultiComp, BassIQ & Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive pedals