Goggi Holm – Sigur Ros

Georg 'Goggi' Holm is the bass player of Sigur Rós. The band has a huge following, exceeding 1 million fans on Facebook, and considered a major influence on the modern postrock and pop scene. After a couple years of silence, they are back in the Spring of 2012 with the brand new albumValtari and a massive World Tour kicking off in the summer.

Here's a few comments from Goggi about the EBS pedals he's using:

EBS OctaBass: "I've been using this since gen1 and it's an essential part of my sound."
: "This Drive pedal is a big part of my sound and I don't do a gig without it and there are songs that I wouldn't be able to do without this pedal."
Valve Drive
: "I've never been as impressed with any pedal."
: "After I got it I just leave it on."

The bands vocalist/guitarist Jón þor 'Jónsi' Birgisson is also occasionally using the EBS Valve Drive with his guitar.




EBS Valve Drive DI

EBS MultiComp Studio Edition

EBS OctaBass Studio Edition

EBS MultiDrive Studio Edition