Francisco Escalona – Nightrage/Always War

Francisco Escalona is the bass player for the bands Nightrage (Greece/Sweden) and Always War (Sweden).

Francisco Escalona joined the melodic Death Metal band Nightrage in 2016 as a session player, not long after that Francisco Escalona became a permanent bassist for Nightrage both live and in the studio.

Francisco Escalona is the bassist for the Hardcore band Always War since 2009.

Francisco Escalona also collaborates as a session bassist for the band Misery Loves Co.(Sweden).


"I've been using the Classic 500 amp since it came out a few years back, it  looks like a mean old tube head, sounds like a tube head but with transistor reliability and power to share, that thing can take punishment every day like a champ without complaining"

"The EBS MicroBass 3 has become essential to me... Compact, reliable, and incredibly versatile."

/ Francisco Escalona


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