Francisco Escalona – Nightrage/Always War

Francisco Escalona is the bass player for the Swedish  band Always War (Uppsala) and a session bass player for the band Nightrage (Grece/Sweden). Francisco Escalona joined Always War in the year 2010 and played many shows around Europe and have also recorded the second and third album of the band, and has currently already recorded the bass lines for the fourth upcoming album of the band Always War, planned to be released in the autum of 2017.

Francisco Escalona Joined Nightrage as a stand-in bassist.

Francisco Escalona also collaborates with the band Misery Loves Co. as a session bass player.


"I've been  using the Classic 500 amp since it came out a few years back, it  looks like a mean old tube head, sounds like a tube head but with transistor reliability and power to share, that thing can take punishment every day like a champ without complaining"

/ Francisco Escalona


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