EBS RUNSTEN Multi DC Power Supply

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Ten isolated DC outputs for versatile use

RUNSTEN provides ten isolated 9V DC outputs, eight readily switchable to 12V DC. Each output delivers up to 900 mA, nearly twice the capacity of most conventional multi-output power supplies. This increased power output allows musicians to power multiple pedals, even units usually requiring a dedicated power supply, from one RUNSTEN. It reduces the number of devices needed to power your pedals and minimizes the risk of noise issues related to power.

Up to 24V DC, and extended features with included cable kit

The RUNSTEN features a cable kit that includes adaptors to use two outputs together in parallel or serial to increase the current up to 1800 mA or Voltage up to 24 V DC when required. DC distribution cables and adaptors to reverse polarity and convert the size of a connector from 2.1 to 2.5 mm are also part of the kit.  

Charge your cellphone and power external devices via USB

In addition to its powerful DC outputs, RUNSTEN features two 5V USB outputs. These provide convenient smartphone charging or power for a USB light during performances.

For the touring musician

Designed for global use, RUNSTEN operates with 100-240V AC, ensuring its readiness for your local performances and international tours.

Lightweight and compact design

Despite its powerful capabilities, RUNSTEN maintains a compact and lightweight design, weighing just 310 grams (0.68 lbs). It is an ideal solution for musicians seeking to reduce the weight and size of their pedalboard without compromising on power or flexibility.

With the RUNSTEN, EBS continues to empower musicians' creativity by providing innovative, space-saving solutions for their pedalboard setups, such as the original flat patch cables. 

RUNSTEN is a registered trademark within the EU, owned by EBS. (018646990) 


Technical Specifications for EBS RUNSTEN
Output Specifications:
  • Ultra-low noise DC Outputs:
    • 8 x selectable 9 or 12V, 
    • 900 resp 800 mA
    • 2 x 9V, 900 mA
  • All outputs are short-circuit protected and fully galvanically isolated.
  • Connections are center negative on 2.1mm DC jacks.
  • USB Outputs: 2 x USB Type A, 5V 2A each

Extended Use of Outputs:

  • To achieve 18 or 24 V DC output, connect the included Serial Adaptor to two 9V (for 18V), or two 12V (for 24V) outputs.
  • To extend the current, connect the included Parallel Adaptor to two outputs of the same Voltage to double the current up to 1800 mA).
  • Use the dedicated adaptor included to invert center polarity to power a pedal with a Center positive power input jack.
  • Use the dedicated adaptor included to connect to a 2.5 mm jack if needed. 
  • All included adaptors are available at the EBS webshop if more are needed.
  • Size: 175 x 69 x 25 mm / 6.89 x 2.72 x 0.98 inch
  • Weight: 310 g / 0.68 lbs 


Input specifications*

  • Input voltage range: 18-24V DC  
  • Maximum power handling: 120W at 5A input.

* Dedicated external power supply included. The supplied AC/DC desktop-type adapter is rated 24V/2.5A, which equals a total maximum power of 60W, which should be sufficient for most setups. The size of the external power supply is 111 x 48 x 33 mm / 4.37 x 1.89 x 1.30 inch, the weight is 205 g / 0.45 lbs.


Included in the kit:

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



The Runsten includes 6x DC1-48 90/0 cables to connect your pedals. Note that when an output is set to 12V DC, the light turns red on the selected output (as output 1 and 2 in the photo).  Outputs 1-8 are 9/12V DC selectable. Note also that each output delivers close to 1A, which is enough to power an EBS MicroBass 3, Stanley Clarke Acoustic Preamp, or ValveDrive DI pedal.

To increase the CURRENT use the DC1-48 90/0 PAR cable included with the Runsten. Connect the two Black contacts that are close together to two outputs on the RUNSTEN, and the total Current will be the sum of the two connected outputs to deliver up to 1800 mA. IMPORTANT! Both outputs MUST be set to the same voltage to avoid current surge and eventual damage. (If you need to connect more than two outputs in parallel, you can use a DC-4/90F split cable with a DC1-48 90/0 cable, and use up to 4 outputs in parallel, and power units requiring 3A or more).

To increase the VOLTAGE use the DC1-48 90/0 SER cable included with the Runsten. Connect the Red contacts to two outputs on the RUNSTEN, and the total Voltage will be the sum of the two connected outputs to deliver 18 or 24V DC, depending on if you connect two 9V or two 12V outputs in serial. IMPORTANT! Do not connect two outputs with different Voltage in serial.   To connect a pedal using 2.5 mm contact, use the DC1-48 90/0 2.5 cable included with the Runsten. Connect the black contact to the RUNSTEN, and the gray contact to your pedal.   To connect a pedal requiring a center positive connection, use the DC1-48 90/0 RP cable included with the Runsten to reverse the polarity. Connect the black contact to the RUNSTEN, and the red contact to your pedal. The RUNSTEN features 2x USB outputs that can be used to charge or power devices that have that option.



Powers 9 / 12 / 18 /24V DC pedals.*

10x isolated 9V DC/900mA power outputs
which of 8 are switchable to 12 V DC.

Extended current up to 1.8 A with included adaptor.**

2x 5V USB charging outputs.

Universal power handling 100-240V.

Clean, ultra-low noise power.

Short circuit protected.

Size only: 175 x 69 x 25 mm / 
6.89 x 2.72 x 0.98 inch

Weight only: 310 g / 0.68 lbs

Cables included:
6x DC1-48 90/0 
1x Center Negative to Center Positive adapter,
1x 2.1 mm Center Negative to 2.5 mm adapter,
1x Parallel Adapter Y-cable (current doubler)
1x Serial Adapter Y-cable (voltage doubler)


* 18 and 24V require using either two 9 or 12 V outputs together, by connecting a Serial adaptor (1x included with the Runsten, additional can be ordered separately in the EBS webshop).

** Require using two outputs together, by connecting a Parallel adaptor (1x included, additional can be ordered from the EBS webshop).



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