EBS Northern Light Bass Strings

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EBS Titanium Nickel Strings

EBS Titanium Nickel Bass Strings have a soft surface due to the tight wiring that provides extra playing comfort and durability. They use a high-quality steel core made of American steel. Long scale (36.5 inches/93 cm).


EBS Stainless Steel Strings

EBS Stainless Steel Strings offer a classic steel string with excellent sound quality and tuning abilities. The Stainless Steel strings are based on a hexagon core made of the finest Swedish steel quality.

All EBS strings are long scale to fit a wide range of bass guitars and for improved tuning abilities. Long scale (36.5 inches/93 cm).




Available Models 


Medium Light40/60/80/100+125+25
Classic Medium45/65/85/105+128+30
Heavy Bass50/70/90/110+135-


Long Scale (36.5 inch/93 cm)

Available in Medium Light, Medium, Classic Medium and Heavy Bass gauges.

Tight winding for improved comfort and durability.

Premium Grade US Steel Core
(Titanium Nickel strings) 

Premium Grade Swedish Steel Core
(Steel Strings)