Since 1988 EBS Sweden AB has been designing and manufacturing professional equipment for bass players. The idea and concept for EBS is to develop and build innovative musical equipment geared towards professional users. 

The company was founded by current CEO Bo Engberg and Technical Director Mats Kristoffersson. EBS launched the EBS-1 rack-mounted bass preamp in 1988. This marked the advent of EBS and the company's dedication to making the best bass equipment available.

The EBS-1 bass preamp saw the light of day in a basement facilities in central Stockholm. Bo and Mats took the preamp to the Frankfurt Musik Messe, in hope of making the music world realize that they were on to something great. And luckily enough they ran into an American gentleman in a cowboy hat, Hershel Blankenship, who ran an exclusive business in L.A. whose clients included some prominent recording artists on the American West Coast.

Through Blankenship, the first three EBS bass preamps were delivered to three excellent bassists: Flea(Red Hot Chili Peppers), Jimmy Earl (Chick Corea Band), and Billy Talbot (Neil Young & Crazy Horse). Some start, right…?

Several well known Swedish bassists soon joined the EBS roster: John Leven of US chart toppers Europe (“The Final Countdown”), emerging fusion star Jonas Hellborg, were among the most well-known to the international public in the beginning.

Throughout the 90's EBS continued to expand their program with amps, combos, cabinets and also introduced the highly successful Black Label Pedals series - stomp boxes with studio quality sound. The very first pedal, the OctaBass, is still one of the top sellers.

EBS has continued the success ever since and recently expanded the business by adding effects and accessories for guitar as well.

Today, EBS still has Bo and Mats at the helm. Bo remains the talkative, extrovert leader of the organization while Mats seems to be more happy pondering new designs and thinking over technical or electronic problems to solve.

EBS has its modest but adequate headquarters on the outskirts of Stockholm, manned by Bo and Mats and a small staff of dedicated employees – all of them musicians, of course! This is where all the design and development of new products still are performed, as well as quality check before being shipped to distributors all over the world. Assembling is outsourced to vendors in Sweden and Asia these days.

The current list of EBS artist endorsers is as long as your arm and covers styles from hit list pop to progressive, from straight ahead jazz to death metal, from recently discovered talents to seasoned veterans. Visit the Artist section to view the current roster.


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Visiting address:

EBS Sweden AB
Grindstuvägen 44-46
167 33 Bromma, Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 735 00 10
Email: info@ebssweden.com

EBS SWEDEN AB is an AAA-certified company in accordance with Soliditet's credit-evaluation system.