Welcome to Nicole, Adam, Pancho, and Ted!

We are happy to introduce several new EBS Pedal Artists. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…

Nicole Row – Panic! At The Disco

Nicole Row is the bassist and vocalist for Panic! At The Disco. You may also have seen her recently with the Scary Pockets, and previously on tour with Miley Cyrus.  Nicole uses EBS DPhaser, UniChorus, OctaBass, BassIQ, and Wah pedals.

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Adam Prendergast – Harry Styles

Adam Prendergast has toured the world extensively as a bass player for an array of bands and artists ranging from Alex Clare to Lianne La Havas. He has also worked prolifically as a writer and studio bassist and is currently on live bass duties for Harry Styles. Adam uses EBS MicroBass 3 and UniChorus pedals.

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EBS Pedal Artist Pancho Tomaselli

Pancho Tomaselli – PHILM

Pancho Tomaselli is the bass player of PHILM, a band known for their special brew of avant-gard jazz, metal & art rock. Their latest album, Time Burner, came out in February and gotten a great reception. He also plays bass in the funk-rock band Dig Infinity. Pancho uses EBS MicroBass 3, OctaBass, UniChorus, and DynaVerb pedals.

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Ted Furtado – Brasilian Bass Legend

Ted Furtado is a legendary bass player in Brazil. He has been playing bass professionally for more than 40 years. He uses EBS BassIQ and MultiComp pedals, as well as EBS patch cables.

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