We have the winners!

The EBS Groove Challenge results!

With about 125 competitors it was not easy to pick the winners, for sure – everyone in the jury had their own favorites. But after thoughtful listening, we have made the decision as follows:


1st Prize – winner of an EBS Reidmar 500: Marcel Frautschi

With a great understanding of groove, and equal part of enthusiasm, Marcel is a worthy winner of this Groove Challenge!  Congrats!


2nd Prize – winner of an EBS pedal of choice: Wojtek Famielec

Wojtek has a nice groove and put some tasteful licks in there too, still leaving space for the guitars and drums by not overdoing it. We think Wojtek deserves an EBS pedal of his choice!


Since there was many contributions we like, and some really made extra efforts to engage in the contest, we’d like to honor a few more with bonus prices!


Bonus price, a set of EBS Strings: Marine Courtin

Music is a lot about joy, and Marine really seems to enjoy playing judged by that smile (and she’s a great player too). We think she deserves a set of new EBS Strings!


Bonus price, t-shirt:

Alessandro Calabrese:  while messing with the backing track may not be the way to win a competition, we still enjoyed the creativity and engagement which earn Alessandro a free t-shirt! https://youtu.be/5l2gV4uv5eA

Leslie Johnson: Leslies playing is outstanding, but the jury preferred to give the top prizes to encourage someone that’s not come as far as Leslie with their professional career yet. But, we didn’t see any EBS logos at the end of the video, so let’s fix that with an EBS t-shirt, at least. https://youtu.be/8bpCb0blSkg

Olov Domeij: Anyone with the guts to join the battle playing keyboard deserves some attention, that calls for a t-shirt (and a Keystrap of course).


Finally, we think that you are all winners in the sense that you gave it all and dared to present yourself to a large audience of fellow bass players.

That takes real courage, since you all know how picky You are when listening to other bass players!

Maybe we should do this again sometime?

Thank you ALL!



Here are a playlist of all the competitors from Youtube (starting with the original EBS video):

And another with the contributions uploaded via Soundcloud: