Three legendary EBS effects made complete in the new ‘Blue Label’ suite

Over the last few weeks, EBS has introduced new versions of three legendary pedals; the MultiComp, the OctaBass & the BassIQ. The ‘Blue Label’ pedals are easily recognized by the compact design with recessed jacks. But, it is the new features that are the most important.

The EBS MultiComp ‘Blue Label’

The MultiComp is the best selling EBS pedal of all time. It’s made its way far beyond just bass players pedalboards, and is known for its super intuitive interface and smooth compression that allows for dynamic playing – whether you play bass, guitar or even horns.   

With the new version, a sensible yet important feature was added – the Sensitivity control. You will find this useful since it allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the effect to comply with the output level of your instrument and playing style. The more turned up, the more sensitive the effect becomes. Don’t freak out though, if you loved it just the way it used to be, a center click will indicate the factory setting of the previous version.

To find out all the details about the new EBS MultiComp ‘Blue Label’ click here.

The EBS OctaBass ‘Blue Label’

In the beginning, there were no EBS effect pedals. Then came the OctaBass. It soon set a new standard for analog bass octave pedals with its great tracking performance and fat, natural tone.

Over the years, it has gone through some minor updates, but the new ‘Blue Label’ version is the most impressive update yet that improves both the tone versatility and the tracking performance of the effect. 

Don’t be confused by the name of the “Range” switch, and assume it does the same as on previous versions. This is a revolutionary new feature that handles the tracking performance, and not the tone. In the High position, the tracking is optimized for playing higher up the fretboard (which is the common design for analog octave pedals). In the Down position, the range for the tracking performance moves to improve the consistency further down the fretboard. We did not manage to nail the open ‘E’, but maybe closer than any other analog octave pedal done before.  

The former functionality of the Range-switch now turned into a Tone control knob. It changes the character of the octave sound with higher accuracy than before. Turned all the way up, it also creates a more synthesized sound than possible before.

To find out all the details about the new EBS OctaBass ‘Blue Label’ click here.

The EBS BassIQ ‘Blue Label’

“It’s the pedals touch sensitivity that provides full-filter fun factor”, Bass Player magazine summarized their review of the original BassIQ. That statement captures the essence of the BassIQ – both then and now. The difference is that the new BassIQ is charged with even more possibilities to create juicy, fat, and amazing envelope effects.  

With a seamless control for the Q value, you will now quickly and easily tune in the sharpness of the effect, not just limited to a couple of fixed values like before.

With the new pass filters, you can run every setting in Full Range or with a Band Pass or Low Pass filter, that expands the palette of sounds.

To find out all the details about the new EBS BassIQ ‘Blue Label’ click here.

All three pedals are shipping now. You can request them at your EBS dealers.