Steve Di Giorgio, from the recent Death Dta tour. Photo by Daniel Falk.
Steve Di Giorgio, from the recent Death Dta tour. Photo by Daniel Falk.

“Sorry Sigurd, but this Fafner II is alive and give me a mean low-end sound for the mighty Testament and Death itself” says legendary metal bass player Steve Di Giorgio about his EBS Fafner II amps. For those less initiated in Norse mythology, Sigurd was the character that killed the dragon called Fafner, but apparently, he didn’t do the job very well… We first met Steve at the Bass Player Live event in Los Angeles, November 2014. Only weeks after he brought the Fafner II out on a worthy road test with Death Dta, the band of former original Death members and guests touring to keep the music of Death and the memory of their founder and front man Chuck Schuldiner alive, who sadly passed away from a brain tumour in 2001. On that tour, Steve planned to use the Fafner II one night, and his old rig the next, but after using the Fafner II on the first gig, he never looked back. Now, a few months into 2015, it has produced the low-end for the European leg of Death Dta’s tour, and currently kicking some serious ass with the mighty TESTAMENT on their “Dark Rooths Of Thrash II Tour”, the legendary band that Steve rejoined recently. That tour will continue Worldwide over the next few months and there are also plans for a new Testament album to be released soon. We are proud to support Steve and many other of the greatest bass players in the World, and over the fact that those bass players represent so many different types of music; from jazz and fusion to soul and R’n B and all the way to the darkest and hardest metal. More information on EBS amplifiers and effects on www.ebssweden.com

Hear Steve talk about the Fafner II on this Rig Rundown from Premier Guitar, on the recent Testament tour:


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