PCF-DL – The Original Flat Patch Cable from EBS

“I love these cables. The feel, the mold-ability, the immediate improvement in sound quality. They feel incredibly sturdy for their amazing flexibility.”  – Andrew James Mirabile, working singer/guitar player in upstate New York    General Specs Examples                   […]

EBS Flat Patch Cables – The Ultimate Space Saver

Save space and money with the EBS Flat Patch Cables!The original flat patch cables from EBS are designed to reduce space on your pedalboard, while maintaining the flexibility of using patch cables. The compact design reduce the risk of cable jams and keep your setup neat […]


Clear up the clutter, clear up the signal chain and save space on your pedalboard with the ultimate space saving flat patch cables from EBS or find matching rack cases for your EBS amp with the different EBS speaker cabinets. We design accessories to solve problems […]