EBS Dealers

Find your local distributor in the list below.If you are a distributing company and are interested in becoming an EBS dealer, please contact us.Click on a country in the list below to reveal details. Austria OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR:Box of Trix GmbH Eisbachstrasse 2D-53340 MeckenheimGermany Phone: +49 (0)2225-99969-0 Fax: +49 (0)2225-99969-19 E-mail: info[a]boxoftrix.de Web: www.boxoftrix.de […]

César Gonin

César Gonin is a Swiss bass player and EBS Artist, until now bass player of Breakdown of Sanity that are one their farewell tour until December 2017  https://www.facebook.com/breakdownofsanity/Cesar also fill in with the band Eluveitie http://eluveitie.ch/news/ and work independently as bass player for various sessions   https://www.facebook.com/c.star.g.onin GO BACK TO […]

Francisco Escalona – Nightrage/Always War

Francisco Escalona is the bass player for the Swedish  band Always War (Uppsala) and a session bass player for the band Nightrage (Grece/Sweden). Francisco Escalona joined Always War in the year 2010 and played many shows around Europe and have also recorded the second and […]

PG – Premium Gold Flat Patch Cables

General Specs Examples                       General THE PREMIUM GOLD FLAT PATCH CABLE IS THE MOST LUXURIOUS SERIES OF EBS FAMOUS FLAT PATCH CABLES. If you have ever struggled with limited space on your pedalboard, we share […]

PCF-DL – The Original Flat Patch Cable from EBS

“I love these cables. The feel, the mold-ability, the immediate improvement in sound quality. They feel incredibly sturdy for their amazing flexibility.”  – Andrew James Mirabile, working singer/guitar player in upstate New York    General Specs Examples                   […]