In the spotlight: EBS MultiComp Blue Label

The world of compressors can be confusing. But fear not – we’ve got you covered. With its superior performance and seamless operation, the EBS MultiComp Blue Label pedal is the perfect addition to any setup. 

Here are some great reasons you should consider one:

  • Control dynamics: Even out the unwanted peaks in volume level when playing your bass to get a more consistent sound that improves the articulation of every note you play. The MultiComp does this smoothly without destroying the natural dynamics of your playing.
  • Add punch and presence: Want to make your bass tone more focused and powerful? A compressor can help you do just that! The MultiComp uses two overlapping compressor bands that work independently on the lower and upper register to reduce any volume differences you may experience on your fretboard. It adds the punch and presence you need to make your sound stand out.
  • Improve the sound quality: A compressor adds clarity and definition to your sound and makes your parts stand out in the mix. No other compressor does a better job with less effort than the EBS MultiComp Blue Label. It will improve your sound immediately on stage and in the studio.

In short, the EBS MultiComp Blue Label is an essential tool for bass players looking to boost their sound and performance. With greater control over dynamics, sustain, punch, and presence, it’s the perfect addition to your playing setup.

The MultiComp Blue Label features controls for the level of compression (COMP), GAIN (the level of output), and a control to adjust the threshold or sensibility of the compressor (SENS.), that you may want to adjust if using an instrument with a very high or very low output. The toggle switch chose between Tubesim, MB (multi-band), or Normal mode. Don’t worry though, start with all controls at 12 o’clock, and just make some minor adjustments if needed. It’s no more complicated than that! 

Get your EBS MultiComp Blue Label pedal from your local EBS dealer or from any major online musical instrument dealer.

Learn more about the EBS MultiComp Blue Label here >>

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