Switch issue fix on EBS drive pedals

Do you have an EBS Black Haze, The Drive or Drive Me Crazy pedal and experienced inconsistent switching functionality?

Due to a late addition of a battery option when these pedals was about to release, a battery clip was installed on the inside. Unfortunately, we have noticed that the cables and/or clip can move and interfere with the switching mechanics, which will lead to inconsistent switching functionality.

To fix the issue, and as a recommendation to prevent any future issue like this, we recommend you to open up the bottom by removing the four screws that hold the bottom plate, and use a highly adhesive tape to attach the loose cable to the steel housing in a way it can not move in the way for the switch, and then put it back together. If you never intend to use it with a battery, and don’t mind losing that option, you can simply cut the wires and remove the battery clip entirely.

  1. Remove the bottom plate.
  2. Make sure no part of the cable or battery clip slide under the switching mechanics and attach it with for example, adhesive tape to prevent it from doing so.

We thank you for the feedback leading us to source the cause of the problem, and apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any further questions in this matter, or if the suggested fix does not solve the problem, please email support@ebssweden.com with your request.

/The EBS Team