EBS MultiComp Studio Edition

"LOVE this pedal. Makes every note on every fret equal in its attack."

- Chris Kael,
Five Finger Death Punch

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Improve Your Sound 

If you ever encountered the world of compressors, you may have experienced they can be tricky to dial-in and do what you want them to do. But a good compressor handled well can do wonders to improve your bass tone. Imagine if you could reach there without the need of a super expensive rack unit and a Masters degree in sound engineering? With the MultiComp, EBS already played the engineers part. You only have two knobs and three optional Types to worry about that you can’t go wrong with!  


Less is more

The EBS MultiComp is a super easy compressor to dial in. One knob sets the level of Comp/Limit. Another sets the Gain level. Once you find the right levels of compression and gain, you can choose TubeismMulti Band (MB) or Normal for three distinct types of compression. Done! If you play a bass with very high output, there is an Active/Passive switch on the side to reduce the input level.  For those with that engineer’s degree that like to fiddle around with their equipment, there’s an internal trim pot for the Threshold located under the hood too.



The Studio Edition that was introduced in 2015, is improved with optimized signal path, new design, new signal relay switching technique, protection against over voltage up to 18V and offer the possibility to power the pedal with anything from 9-12V DC.


EBS now also offer a guitar dedicated MultiComp, that you can read about here.


Note: Several customers and EBS pedal artists that use the MultiComp, like session great Sean Hurley, John Campbell of Lamb Of God and Chris Kael of 5FDP comes back with the same message. Once they started to use the MultiComp, they just leave it on. It simply improves the overall tone in a way that you don’t want to play without it!


  • Nominal Input Level - 10 or - 4 dBv

  • Input Impedance 700 kohms

  • Bypass Bandwidth +0 / -3 dB 20 - 20k Hz

  • Gain range 0 - 15 dB

  • Compressor
    Ratio min / max 1:1 - 5:1
    Threshold -25 - +6 dB adjustable inside
    Attack Time (80%) <10 ms
    Release Time (80%) typ. 100 ms

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.8 x 4.5 x 1.4” (70 x 115 x 35 mm)

  • Weight 400g (0.88 lb.)

  • Power Requirements 9-12 V DC Regulated, 35 mA max*

    * EBS Recommend the use of the EBS AD-9+ DC adapter.
    The adapter can supply up to twenty pedals at the same time.

 Demos & Samples 


REVIEW iGuitar Magazine, issue 36, 2015

"In (the MultiComp’s) TubeSim mode, a ‘full band’ compressor mates with a 'tube simulator circuit for extra warmth and harmonics’. To my ear, I like what this mode does to the midrange of my bass. Definitely my favourite setting on this pedal”.

Read the whole review including a down to the core video test here: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?eid=4ff5b8c0-6035-4edc-ba81-01ec6b929760&pnum=198



EBS Pedal Artist Sean Hurley got the new EBS MultiComp Studio Edition.
EBS Pedal Artist Sean Hurley got the new EBS MultiComp Studio Edition.



Preserve the low range

Suitable for live and studio use

Dual Band Compressor

Tubeism, Multi Band and Normal modes

Controls for Compression and Gain

True Bypass Signal Relay Switching

Protected against over voltage up to 18V

Powered by 9 to 12V DC

Optional (not included):
EBS AD-9+ Power Supply

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