EBS on the Testament US tour

Testament bass player Steve Di Giorgio sent this greeting from the current Testament/Sepultura/Prong tour across Northern America:

“Nordic lowend in North America. This tour is powered by EBS amplifiers, speakers & effects. Fafner 2, Reidmar 750, NeoLine 8×10, TremoLo, DPhaser. These are the components of the thunder you feel at any of the #testament #sepultura #prong shows.”

Testament is not the only metal band currently rocking the US with EBS amps, Killswitch Engage are using EBS ClassicLine cabs and Fafner II and Reidmar amps on their current tour as well, and In Flames uses EBS Reidmar 750 amps – continuing collaborate with EBS after the departure of bass player Peter Iwers, who is currently rocking EBS amps and effects in the studio with his new band CyHra.

The EBS presence on the metal scene is strong, and growing!

Photo courtesy of Steve’s official Instagram @sdglowend