EBS @ NAMM Show ’13: Day 1


EBS Day one…the show has begun! The excitement was very present at NAMM today, and there was so much activity at the booth, that I could not even leave for a quick meal – so thank you Urban for the sandwich! The big news is the EBS Billy Sheehan Pedal, and Billy came by to shoot a couple videos that you will soon be able to see at www.PremierGuitar.com and www.MusicRadar.com. There was also videos made for www.vintagerock.com and www.HarmonyCentral.com 

All in all, a great start of a show that is going to be epic! Not to mention the grand final of the day, with Tower Of Power playing at the new plaza while we where heading home for the night.

Check out the gallery of pictures from day one (if the gallery don’t work in this embedded page, click here to view the permalink. Also, each day, we are going to present some extra material, to give some interesting background info, or in depth knowledge. Since it’s the EBS 25th Anniversary this year, at the bottom of this post, we’re giving you the entire EBS Product Timeline!

Stay tuned and come back tomorrow, with an exclusive interview with Billy Sheehan about the new pedal!






  • 1988: The EBS-1, the legendary  rack mounted preamp from EBS. ELS-215 & 211 (4×10″ + tweeter) Cabinets. The EPS-600 Power Amp.
  • 1989: ELS-411 (a 4×10″ cabinet with two chambers for use in mono or stereo)
  • 1990: EP-200 and EB-800 stereo power amps.
  • 1991: EBS-210, 410, 15H and EBS-300 cabinets (slightly different appearance than today’s models with the same name). EBS-1V2, an update on the EBS-1 preamp.
  • 1992: EBS Taurus bass combo, feat onboard effects. EBS OctaBass, based on one of the Taurus onboard effects.
  • 1993: The OEM product EBS-P2, an onboard preamp for bass, still available on request under the name EBS-PRE and found on some boutique basses.
  • 1994: EPX-800 power amp. EBS MicroBass (the first edition with belt-clip). EBS AC cabinets, with built-in power amps. EBS Stainless Strings
  • 1995: The Fafner, EBS first rack mounted amp. EBS-311 speaker cabinet.
  • 1996: EBS Gorm bass combo introduced. EBS-15F speaker cabinet.
  • 1997: EBS UniChorus debuts as the second stomp box from EBS. EBS Turbo 18, an 18″ sub bass cabinet came out.
  • 1998: EBS-1 Classic, the 10th Anniversary edition of the already famed preamp. The Drome combos. EBS-18C cabinet. And the EBS MultiComp stomp box enters – the most sold EBS stompbox to this day!
  • 1999: EBS ProLine speakers introduced with a new 410, 810 and 412 model. The old excisting models adapted the new design, which is still intact. Fafner TD600 (with the blue line) amp. A chorus for guitar called The Red Twister came out in a very limited edition.
  • 2000: EBS OctaBass, UniChorus and MultiComp updates to a new look, and collected under the name Black Label Pedals. The series extends with the BassIQ. The Gorm combos are updated to the GormET series, feat a 350 W power amp.
  • 2001: EBS HD350 hit the market – the most sold EBS rack mounted amp to this day. EBS MultiDrive added. ProLine 212 and 610 cabinets added.
  • 2002: EBS TD650 bass amp introduced. EBS DynaVerb, the first digital EBS effect enters. EBS NeoLine is introduced with the  mini-size cabinet NeoLine 112.
  • 2003: EBS MicroBass II  preamp/DI-box. Another NeoLine cabinet added, the 110.
  • 2004: NeoLine further extended with the 210 and 212 full size cabinets.
  • 2005: NeoLine 410 & 115 cabinets added and the first EBS ClassicLine cabinet, the CL-410, enters.
  • 2006: The Drome Classic, a Drome combo with the “classic line” look, hits the market. A new classic is born with the EBS ValveDrive tube preamp/overdrive pedal. EBS WahOne, wah effect for bass comes out. EBS Titanium Nickel Strings introduced.
  • 2007: The GormET series replaced by the NeoGorm, feat neodymium speakers and new amp. EBS TremoLo (for bass) comes out and winalthough made with bass in mind. ClassicLine 810 and 212 cabinets arrive.
  • 2008: EBS Classic 450 amp is introduced, the ProLine 15F turn into 115 with a tweeter added.
  • 2009: EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Wah is released, the first artist signature product from EBS. The monstruous NeoLine 810 cabinet arrive. EBS first tube amp, T90 comes out. EBS MetalDrive, a high-gain distortion introduced, and the highly successful Session 60 combo see the light!
  • 2010: A new EBS flagship, the Fafner II arrives. The trusted TD650 recieves a treat and turn into TD660, and the DSP-based EBS DPhaser effect arrive.
  • 2011: EBS enter Class-D in EBS style, with the Reidmar head, taking advantage of EBS analog preamp technique in combination with the class-d power amp technique – a big hit it turns out! Matching ClassicLine mini-size 110 and 112 cabinets introduced. EBS re-introduce Stainless Steel and Titanium Nickel strings after a couple years absence.
  • 2012: EBS introduces the Session 30 and 120 combos, in addition to the 60. HD 350 become 360, with improved preamp and functionality.
  • 2013 has arrived, and with it the brand new EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive! More exciting news to come… 😉

Stay tuned for next pre-show feature to appear soon!

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