EBS @ NAMM 2014. Final day at NAMM!

Sunday and everyone seems to loosen up a bit. This is the day when jamming happens and we had some great people hanging out at the booth today. The highlight might have been when Alex Al came by and giving the EBS Classic 500 and the new ValveDrive DI, that finally arrived, a test ride.

Alex Al checking out the EBS Classic 500 and the new ValveDrive DI.
Alex Al checking out the EBS Classic 500 and the new ValveDrive DI.

Speaking of the ValveDrive DI, to use it as a clean pre-amp, just to beef up and warm up your tone, take note on how the Volume and the Gain relate to each other in this picture:


In this setting above, we work with modest Gain level and instead turn up the volume, which gives more headroom to your tone without breaking it up too much. If you want to use it as an overdrive, you do the opposite – more Gain, a little less Volume – like in this photo:


The new functions, like the XLR-out and 9V DC power (instead of 12 V AC) input is found at the back of the pedal. Note also that the standard output now is a real low-impedance output so you can use the ValveDrive DI as a pure preamp, like in this picture, where we connect the bass to the pedals input, and the output to the Effect Return on a Reidmar, which bypasses the preamp and EQ on the Reidmar and makes the ValveDrive DI the preamp instead:


Tomorrow we head back home to Sweden, and in a few days, there will be a wrap-up of the show, and some more pics and video clips will be posted. So stay tuned for that!

We would like to thank Sandberg basses, PRS guitars and U-Bass for letting us use their instruments at the booth. We would also like to thank Tsunami Cables, that we use at the booth. Our great friends and co-workers at Musical Distributors Group (EBS US distributor), Ann Collins and the very helpful staff at the NAMM Show. All the artists that shared their time doing signings and appearances at EBS: Tal Wilkenfeld (with Steve Ferrone and Owen Barry), Billy Sheehan, Tommy Brown, Francisco Diaz, Mike D’Antonio, Branden Campbell, Bjorn Englen, Marten Andersson and Michael Devin, and a special thanks to Alex Al for inviting us to the Arsenio Hall show before NAMM and to Jackie Clark – our long and trusted friend and great ambassador!

Peace and love to ALL new and old friends we had the chance to meet this year!
/The EBS Team.

Some more photos from Day 4:

Stay tuned for yet another days report before we wrap up the NAMM SHOW 2014, presenting video material and additional photos in a few days!

You will be able to follow the NAMM Show on our daily blog from NAMM!

Just surf in on www.ebssweden.com between January 23-26 for daily reports from the show!



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