EBS @ NAMM 2012, DAY 4

Last day at NAMM 12, and it seemed like the Sunday badges worked out well to get more people on the floor on a usually slow day, so even Sunday was intense this year. We saw some excellent stuff at the booth today including a monstrous bass jam with Etienne Mbappé and his French buddy Hadrien Ferraud!   

Everyone loosen up a bit on the last day, and a lot of jams going on here and there, always supervised by the sound police of course. Seems like everybody had a good show and the overall vibe on the floor was really nice! We’ll give you a little teaser from Alex Al, while he was checking out the EBS Reidmar amp, just to give a hint about the video material to be posted a little later – when we get back to Sweden. Enjoy that and the pics from the day!
/The EBS Team



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