EBS @ NAMM 2012, DAY 1

The new EBS Reidmar


Wow! What a great start on the show! Seems there’s a lot more visitors than in many years this time, hope that’s a good sign! 

The new stuff with the EBS Reidmar lightweight head and the Session 120 combo got a lot of attention today, as expected – especially the Reidmar! Many came by and left impressed by how this little amp deliver. Simply tons of tone and also tons of quality in the tone and at a great price too – 459 USD MAP price!

Premier Guitar got it covered on video with some playing by Etienne Mbappé through both the Reidmar and the Session 120 (using the DI on both), and we’ll let you all know when that is up and running on their site! We also got some great videos on Pete Griffin playing through an EBS Reidmar, EBS pedals and a NeoLine 410 cab that we will put online soon.

Some of the artists that came by the booth today included Drake’s bass player Jay Bratten, Angie Stone’s Demonterious Lawrence, Justin Timberlake’s Kevin Walker, Bon Jovi’s Hugh McDonald, bass legend Phil Chen, Rufus Philpot, Peter Sonntag, Hammerfall’s Fredrik Larsson and EBS performers Etienne Mbappé and Pete Griffin.

We’re all excited about what’s tomorrow will bring! Enjoy some of the pics from the show below…

/The EBS Team


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