EBS @ MusikMesse 2013, Day 4

Future rockstar checking out EBS pedals!
Future rockstar checking out EBS pedals!

Known as the crazy day – the last day at MusikMesse was crazier than ever! So loud and so crowded! Sound police gave up early and where nowhere to be found. 

Anyway, we pulled ourselves together and held out to the end doing what we do best and represent EBS Professional Bass Equipment in the best possible way, with a big help from Jay-Tee, Etienne and Swaeli!

Now, a few hours after the show ended, we have packed our stuff and look forward to a good nights sleep before heading back to good old Sweden.

Anyway, check out the pics from the last day, and we would like to thank our artists Etienne & Swaeli Mbappé, Jay-Tee Teterissa and Billy Sheehan for a 100% professional performance at the show. We would also like to thank Marleux basses, U-Bass, Vychodil basses and True Temperament for lending us great instruments.

A big thank you to our German distributor Box Of Trix and their staff as well!

And last but not least, thank you all that visited the booth, and/or followed us online. We’ll be back later this week with a couple videos, and make sure to subscribe to the blog to get all the future posts first!

Auf Wiedersehen! / The EBS Team

More about EBS at www.ebssweden.com

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