EBS 802 awarded ‘Bass head of the year’!

The EBS 802 High Dynamics Linear 750W RMS amplifier just won the ‘Bass Head of the Year 2020’ award in Bass Player Magazine.

«This amp hits the bullseye, with bags of tonal flexibility and performance and a hefty 750 watts to play with.»

Bass Player Magazine, issue 404, December 2020

We are very proud of this award. We intended to create an amplifier with no compromises to carefully re-define and upgrade the famous EBS sound. This award is the receipt we accomplished our mission.

If you have tried different modern bass amps but have not found the one that gives you the physical experience the “good old” amps used to do. Then, EBS 802 is what you need.

Built with excellence, the analog solid-state design of the EBS 802 brings you sound quality, clarity, and punch on another level than any lightweight amp will do. It is a soulful amp that will make you smile.

The EBS 802 manufactures entirely in Sweden.

Find out more about the incredible EBS 802 High Definition Linear Bass Amp >>

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