EBS 2nd Row Pedal Riser

EBS 2ND ROW PEDAL RISER  Specs Examples 



Rise the 2ND ROW of pedals on your pedal board for easier access, or put two risers beneath the board for a comfortable angle of your complete pedalboard. One piece of the 2ND ROW can carry a standard size pedal or two mini-format pedals.

Added comfort and secure switching is accomplished with the 2ND ROW. Due to the design, it can also hide loose cables and make your setup neat and clean.

Lightweight and universal 2ND ROW is made of ultra light aircraft-grade anodized Aluminum with laser engraved text. Attach it to your pedal board by using velcro (included) or Dual Lock for universal use.





  • Measurements: 110 x 145 x 27 mm / 4.33 x 5.7 x 1.06 inches

  • Weight: 134g/0.3 lbs



A: 3x EBS 2ND ROW with EBS DC-6/90 daisy chain power distribution cable, and EBS flat designed, space saving PCF patch cables (available in four different lenghts) to hook up two standard size pedals and two mini-size pedals.

B: Setup and ready to go. Note that one 2ND ROW can feature two mini size pedals, and when using the EBS compact patch cables, the 2ND ROW can house and hide all loose cable to keep your setup compact and neat.



Professional Lightweight Aluminium Riser for Pedals.

Designed to house redundant cable to keep the pedalboard neat and clean.

Attach to pedalboard using Velcro (included) or 3M Dual Lock.

Universal design to fit one standard pedal or two pedals in mini-format.

Comply with EBS CarryOn pedalboard system.