EBS DynaVerb Guitar Edition

“A very classy reverb that will endow your tone with an authentic sense of space or the ambience of a vintage studio recording”.


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  Outstanding performance. The EBS DynaVerb Guitar Edition use a 24-bit digital processing circuitry for outstanding and noiseless performance on stage and in the recording studio. It has stereo input as well as stereo out.   The foundation. The DynaVerb feature three different Modes or types of reverb - Room,Plate and Hall. Room and Plate can run in three variations, A, B and C (explained in detail in the manual), while the Hall reverb offers two variations A, B (C same as B). It makes a total of 8 different reverbs. The controls simply set the volume for the tone (Tone), and how much of the reverb you'd like to blend in (Reverb).   Serial, or parallel. Inside the box, you can change the pedal to run in parallel mode, if preferred in the studio.  
To give you the most comprehensive way possible today to try these pedals online, check out our new player below from TonePedia.com, using authentic high definition recorded samples of the EBS Guitar Edition pedals, with the instrument and amp shown below.
  1. Click on the pedal you want to try
  2. Change the parameters below the pedal field to change the settings on the pedal you are listening to (the controls represent the controls on the selected pedal).
  3. In the same way, change the pickup setting on the guitar below the guitar field.
  4. For variation in style, choose a sample in the drop-down menu below the pedal control field. 
  5. Some of the variations adds the possibility to combine the selected effect with distortion/overdrive. On these samples, a button to engage distortion appears in the pedal control field.
Do you want to leave feedback on your experience with this tool? Click here   About Red Label Pedals. The EBS DynaVerb Guitar Edition is one of the three first launched pedals in EBS new Red Label Pedals for guitar, along with the EBS Red Twister Guitar Edition and MultiComp Guitar Edition. They all comes with the heritage from EBS famed Black Label Pedals for bass, that have been used by world-famous guitarists for years. With the Red Label Pedals, all the details has been adjusted for optimal performance with guitar, with the input from some of the most busy Swedish session guitarists and the staff from the famous TGT11.se pedal specialists store in Stockholm, Sweden.   It is strongly recommended to use the DynaVerb with a 9V DC power adaptor, such as the EBS AD-9+. Consider battery use only as a backup solution. Battery not included.


  • Nominal Input Level - 8 dBv

  • Input Impedance
    1 Mohms stereo
    500 kohms mono

  • Dry Bandwidth +0 / -3 dB 20 - 20k Hz

  • Reverb Bandwidth +0/-3 dB 20 - 20k Hz

  • Tone Low Pass Filter min / max 1 / 20 kHz

  • Reverb Types 3 Rooms, 3 Plates and 2 Halls

  • Sampling Frequency 48 kHz

  • Dynamic Range 107 dB A-weighted

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.8 x 4.5 x 1.4” (70 x 115 x 35 mm)

  • Weight 400g (0.88 lb.)

  • Bypass True Bypass

  • Power Requirements  9 -12 V DC Regulated, 100 mA max.*

    * EBS Recommend the use of the EBS AD-9+ DC adapter.
    The adapter can supply up to twenty pedals at the same time.

 Demos & Samples 

David Henriksson demo of the EBS DynaVerb Guitar Edition


Timo Somers from Delain/Vengeance showing the EBS Red Label Pedals in this video:




GUITARIST MAGAZINE, UK, September issue 2015

“A very classy, if premium-priced, reverb that will endow your tone with an authentic sense of space or the ambience of a vintage studio recording”. - 7/10. Read the magazine for full review.


REVIEW iGuitar Magazine, UK, issue 36, 2015

“There is no doubt that the DynaVerb GE is a very good reverb pedal, clear, transparent and musical with a wide variety of settings”.


Watch the video part here (DynaVerb starts at 9:43):


“The Dynaverb Guitar Edition is a high quality reverb, offering myriad options and numerous uses. Well worth trying out, both onstage and in the studio.”


The whole review available in Guitar & Bass Magazine, UK, October 2015 issue

Said about EBS DynaVerb (previous Black Label edition)

"The EBS DynaVerb is the best reverb pedal I have heard.
It sounds like a rack piece. Spatially and beautiful."

- Guitar tech Dave Phillips at LA Sound Design


"The EBS DynaVerb is the lushest sounding stereo reverb I know.
I use it all the time under solos - awesome sound!"

- Mike Scott, guitarist with Prince, Justin Timberlake etc.


"The EBS DynaVerb is the best reverb pedal I have ever used!"

- John Wesley, touring guitarist with Porcupine Tree





Optimized for use with guitar.

Suitable for live and studio use

High Dynamics Stereo Reverb

Hall, Plate and Room types

Three different effects per type

Controls for Reverb and Tone

24-bit digital processing circuitry


Serial/parallel (internal switch)

True Bypass Signal Relay Switching

Protected against over voltage up to 18V

Powered by 9 to 12V DC

Optional (not included):
EBS AD-9+ Power Supply