DC Power Distribution

AD-9+ DC Power Supply            Specs Examples

AD-9+ DC Power Supply           


AD-9+ DC Power Supply

The EBS AD-9+ is a slim designed power supply that only take up one outlet spot. It is designed for use with almost every pedal on the market running on 9V DC, and handles all voltages between 100-240V. The output is short circuit protected and deliver clean and hum free 9V DC power. One EBS AD-9+ can supply up to 20 pedals. Available with plugs for either US, EU, UK or Japanese socket standard.


Technical Specifications

  • 9V DC, 1000 mA max.
  • Plug: 2.1 mm center negative.
  • 100-240V, 0.4A
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Cable lenght: 150 cm/4.9ft
  • Weight: 111g/0.245 lbs







Clean & Hum-free DC Power

Worldwide Input Voltage 100-240 V

Power up to 20 Pedals

Super Slim Design


Short Circuit Protected

DC Power Split Cables            Examples

DC Power Split Cables           

DC-4-90 DC6


DC Power Split Cables

With the power split cables it is easy to distribute the power from an AD-9 to more than one pedal. The split cables are available in one-to-two, four or six (DC-2, 4 or 6) configuration. Now also available with angled contacts (DC-2/90, 4/90 or 6/90)


Available models: 

With straight contacts:

DC-2 One-to-two, DC-4 One-to-four, DC-6 One-to-six

With angled contacts:

DC-2/90 One-to-two, DC-4/90 One-to-four, DC-6/90 One-to-six


Example: All pedals on this board are powered from the same source, an EBS AD-9+ Power Supply, using DC-split cables to distribute the power to each of the pedals.





1/4" Stereo contact at one end, split into two mono contacts representing TIP and RING of the stereo contact.

Super Compact Angled Contacts

Extremely Well Shielded

Low Resistance