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EBSglowPlease, use this form to contact EBS headquarters. We take customer service seriously and try to respond without delay, as often as possible.

We ask for your understanding that we can not provide 24/7 h support, and that there may be shorter periods of time where we can not give a response within 24 hours. However, we always aim to respond within that limit of time - and never hesitate to send a friendly reminder in case we are late in our response. You can also send a regular email to info[at] or support[at], as well as call the number at the bottom of the page, hang out with us by clicking the social media links and Like or Follow EBS, and subscribe to our Newsletter.

Keep in mind our office is in Sweden, so that means it's open office hours CET, in case you are calling from a different time zone.

IMPORTANT! FOR USA CUSTOMERS ONLY, follow this link if you would like to make a US Service Request: