EBS ReTracer Delay Workstation

General Samples Photos Downloads Specifications Register for updates General THE NEW EBS RETRACER DELAY IS A COMPLETE WORKSTATION PACKED WITH FEATURES INTO A COMPACT SPACE SAVING PEDAL THAT MAKE ROOM FOR MORE EFFECTS ON YOUR PEDALBOARD.What will the ReTracer offer me regarding…Possibilities: The ReTracer is […]


We make tools to play with – not toys. Whether in the studio or on stage the quality and versatility of EBS pedals have been recognized and approved by thousands of bass players, guitarists and keyboard players since 1992, when the first EBS pedal was […]


The ‘EBS Red Label Pedals’ are developed especially for use with guitar. The tonal spectrum of a guitar is different from bass, and even though top level guitarists have enjoyed using EBS bass effects for many years, these pedals perform even better to meet the […]