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Please, use this form to contact EBS headquarters. We take customer service seriously and try to respond without delay, as often as possible.We ask for your understanding that we can not provide 24/7 h support, and that there may be shorter periods of time where […]

Backline Rentals

Do you need to rent EBS equipment?Here’s a list of known rentals that carry EBS Amps around the world. There might be more backline rentals with gear available, and if you represents a rental company that carry EBS and not featured on the list, please […]

EBS Dealers

Find your local distributor in the list below.If you are a distributing company and are interested in becoming an EBS dealer, please contact us.Click on a country in the list below to reveal details. Austria OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR:Box of Trix GmbH Eisbachstrasse 2D-53340 MeckenheimGermany Phone: +49 (0)2225-99969-0 Fax: +49 (0)2225-99969-19 E-mail: info@boxoftrix.de Web: www.boxoftrix.de […]